Minor sanding included

The WheelRefurb machine was created by Fleetproud to provide a COMPLETE WHEEL REFURBISHMENT service to the heavy transport industry.

We recognised the need for a safer way to polish alloy truck wheels and while fixing the issues of safety, we created a machine that has totally unmatched finishing/polishing capabilities compared to any other method in the polishing industry.

The WheelRefurb machine is capable of completely refurbishing all common sizes of Heavy Vehicle wheels.

We offer 2 main services with this machine




Polish of inner or outer (drive face, steer face). Minor sanding of wheel included.




- Sand pitting and scratches from wheel

-Sand/Machine "gutter rash" from outer rim lip

- Remove Tyre and "machine" bead seat to remove old rubber build up and minimise slow leak risks

- Replace valve with new valve

- Refit tyre (balanced wheels are marked before stripping tyres and realigned with marks to keep balance upon refit)

- Check rim lip with specific manufacturers rim depth guage and written report given to you



- Ceramic coating to protect & provide super easy cleaning ADD $25

- Polish both faces of wheel for future positioning flexibility ADD $40


All quoted prices are based on wheels being delivered to us as "loose wheels".  We do offer same day pick up and delivery of loose wheels.  Removal of wheels at our workshop can also be arranged by appointment.



ADD $40