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Tire & Trim Protectant is truly in a class of its own.

Complete the look of your ride while cleaning and protecting you tyres, exterior plastic trim and vinyl.

Tire and Trim Protectant is non greasy and will not fling off onto your expensive paintwork and chrome.

Depending on the type of application, you can achieve a natural or a high gloss finish. It will never turn your tyres brown or leave a greasy film, even after repeated use.

Simply spray a light mist of Tire & Trim onto a small soft towel or soft sponge. Wipe evenly onto surface and let dry for a few minutes. Lightly buff surface with another clean, soft towel.

For a gloss mirror effect, once the tyre has been treated with Tire & Trim and buffed dry, spray 1 - 2 light mist applications directly onto the tyre. Let dry for a few minutes and buff after each application.

Wipe off any over spray while wet.

THAT'S IT! Plain and simple!

BLACK Tyres with NO greasy residue.