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Looking for a ridiculously easy to use Glass Cleaner? You found it!

Glass Master contains Isopropyl (not nasty Ammonia like some of the other "brand name" glass cleaners), is SAFE ON TINTED GLASS  and ideal for use on

  • Automotive glass
  • Heavy Machinery glass
  • Household windows
  • Kitchen tops & splash backs
  • Glass stove tops
  • Oven Doors
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome

The list goes on!

Glass Master will not streak, is ready to use or you can dilute with water as required depending on how dirty the item you are cleaning is.  SAFE ON TINT

As leaders in the large fleet cleaning industry, Fleetproud has the need for fast working chemicals that actually do what they are meant to.  We use all the products we sell in our daily operations in a high volume, industrial setting.  With this in mind, you can rest assured that what you buy from us actually works...our business depends on it!  We don't have time to waste going over things again because the chemicals didn't work as advertised the first time.


No Gimmicks, No fancy marketing rubbish, just products that do what they should.